Annette Thompson

I like words and pictures.

I'm on a journey.

I like a packed suitcase and a ribbon of road stretching out in front of me with no end. Plane tickets make me happy as well. And menus. Lord, how I love a menu with a waiter ready to deliver new flavors. I'm always looking for a different angle, a catch-your-attention point of view that stops and engrosses readers. My specialties run from adventure/outdoors and food, to family, luxury travel, and personality pieces.

I can’t shuck my adventure habit, nor do I want to.

From screaming around Indianapolis’ Brickyard in a Formula One car to leaping out of a perfectly good airplane, I get high on thrills. Grabbing a train and jumping off in an unknown town can be just as exciting. Sliding through ice holes on a New Zealand glacier or exorcising my fear of heights on a via ferrata in the UK’s Lake District keep me coming back for more. I came by my love of travel and storytelling honestly. As the daughter of a traveling salesman, my taste for the road came early.

Our family drove a 50s Chevy across Route 66 between LA and Detroit to visit family twice a year. When I was 7, Daddy took me to Mobile, Alabama, where we bellied up to an oyster bar and he taught me to eat them freshly shucked. Meanwhile, Momma carried me to her Kentucky home where I stood at my grandmother’s elbow learning to prepare simple farm food. So I’m comfortable in any environment, from walking down a dusty road in India to sipping tea in a five-star hotel in Virginia. The Deep South is my home, and I focused exclusively on the region as a former travel editor for Southern Living’s 15 million readers for many years.

I produced hundreds of large feature stories as well as small focused assignments and travel web sites. I’ve also completed stints as a copy editor, cookbook and crafts book editor, and writing teacher. A longtime member of the Society of American Travel Writers, I serve as President Elect on the Board of Directors. With degrees in literature from Stetson University (DeLand, Florida) and the University of Alabama Birmingham, I love to tell a good story. I’m driven to write and report from behind the scenes. Hire me for writing and editing and photography of any variety, from articles to web content to books to marketing materials.